Annie Khalid Is Expecting Her First Baby

Annie Khalid is a popular Pakistani celebrity and a singer who has is known for being a strong woman. She married a few years back after divorcing from her first marriage and now she’s expecting her first baby.


Annie Khalid has always shown her strength. She handled all ups and downs of her life with strengths, including failure of her first marriage. In fact, she was very open when she ended her first marriage. She talked to her fans through media about her issues and why she decided to end her marriage.

One of the things that we’ve learned about Annie Khalid over the past decade or so is that she is very public. She hasn’t really ever felt any need to hide anything. She talks about her personal life all over social media and that’s something good for a celebrity. Celebrities can make it very difficult for themselves by hiding behind curtains. Those who let it open in the public find it easier. Anyway, Annie Khalid is one such celebrity who has no secrets.

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