Pakistan Will Be Holding It’s First Ever Snow Jeep Rally To Lowari Top Chitral

Today, Pakistan is having it’s first ever snow jeep rally in Chitral. The rally is arranged by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan Army in collaboration with local administration. The rally is planned to cover a distance of 20.9 km. During the rally, the jeeps will be going around the Lowari Top and through the Lowari tunnel, a breathtaking track that would leave spectators breathless.

The rally will be treated much like a festival where spectators would be treated to delicious local food and cultural performances. The rally organizing committee has confirmed that there will be performances by the artists from Chitral, Dir and Kalash.

The track around the famous Lowari top is dubbed as “Hell Road” by the world media. However, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa has decided to turn this ‘hell road’ into a ‘thrill road’ that will attract local and international tourists to the breathtaking beauty of Chitral valley.

310-Lowari Top, Dir-KPK, Pakistan

The famous Lowari Top was opened for traffic this winter by Pakistan Army, which means that the area is now safe and tourists can enjoy without fearing terrorists. It would send a very strong message to the world. Let’s hope the rally turns out to be a hit.

Asif Mumtaz

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