Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team Looks Very “Pakistani” in White Official Non-Playing Kit

Pakistani women’s cricket team is making headlines for not only winning matches but also for looking gorgeous. They recently won a series against Bangladesh and gave cricket fans something to cheer about after men’s team failed to impress in the T20 Asia Cup.

After winning the series, Pakistani women’s team showed off their new official non-playing kit. The new white kit, designed by Al Karam Studio,  is very Pakistani. Pakistani cricket team are seen as role models for today’s empowered women and that’s what designer Pooja Achariya had to keep in mind while designing the non-playing white kurtas. The team will be wearing this dress at the official events and while traveling as a team.

Al Karam Studio also provided digitally printed scarfs to go with the white kurtas and the green blazer. The scarfs, inspired from the truck art, adds color to the wardrobe representing different roles a Pakistani woman plays in the society.

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