Is Shahid Afridi’s Daughter Dead?

Unless you live under a brick, you would’ve heard about the news of Shahid Afridi’s daughter Asmara’s death. It’s a fake news. She isn’t dead. Shahid Afridi’s daughter is sick and she’s in hospital but she’s still fighting for her life.

Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s death news

The news of death of Shahid Afridi’s daughter spread on social media today when someone shared the above picture on social media. It’s definitely a fake as you can see for yourself.

Here are some real pictures of Asmara, daughter of Shahid Afridi.

shahid-afridi-daughters shahid afridi with his daughters PSL

Shahid Afridi Daughter on Facebook

Shahid Afridi is a religious person and probably won’t allow his daughters to have a Facebook page. They might have their personal profile on Facebook and there are numerous third-party fan pages but there is nothing official.

You can search Facebook or look through Google for fan pages. Just search for something like Shahid Afridi Daughter on Facebook and you’re going to find numerous pages.

Here is a video of Shahid Afridi daughter Asmara interview.

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